Melissa Etheridge

Already one of rock music's great female icons, there's no telling when Melissa Etheridge will shed the "female" moniker and just be considered one of the great rock icons of the modern age.

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When all of your promises are gone, she's the only one

Melissa Etheridge's eponymous debut album was critically acclaimed and certified double platinum, snagging a surprise Grammy nomination for the single "Bring Me Some Water." She'd go on to win her first Grammy Award in 1993 for the single "Ain't It Heavy" off her third album, but it wasn't until the release of her fourth album, "Yes I Am," that she saw any charted hits. "Come to My Window" and "I'm the Only One" were explosive chart-toppers, with "Window" earning her a second Grammy Award. The album would go six times platinum.

In all, Melissa Etheridge has received 15 Grammy Award nominations, two Grammy wins, plus an Academy Award for Best Original Song "I Need to Wake Up" from the film "An Inconvenient Truth."

Despite the accolades, her most memorable performance was at the 2005 Grammy Awards when she took the stage to honor Janis Joplin, completely bald from chemotherapy due to breast cancer. India.Arie was so moved, she wrote the final verse of her powerful "I Am Not My Hair" inspired by the performance.

Etheridge, who began studying music at age 8 to escape her home life, would go on to create a space for herself in the rock and roll world, be a light for the LGBT community and a symbol of strength through music. "I learned very early that I could write truths," the artist once told CNN. "I would write about sadness or anger, where I couldn't actually speak it."

To learn more about one of rock-and-roll's more energetic and dynamic performers, visit Melissa Etheridge's official page here.